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Minecraft Hosting

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At Cropsmasher, we strive to provide a top of the line service to all our customers. We love minecraft and know you do too! So our primary goal is to provide the best user experiance when running your very own minecraft server.

When it comes down to choosing your host, we hope that our standards match yours. Feel free to test out our very own public server at crazycraft.cropsmasher.com here, you will be able to see the kind of connection that you will be getting from our servers.

  • No extra fees for Bukkit/Minecraft/Mods
  • Easy in-browser FTP access.
  • MYSQL Database Included
  • Custom Player Slots

Why Us?

Image 1 Advanced Plugin Setup Need help setting up your server to be a successful public server? We set up public servers from the bottom up for you. From permissions to configurations, we do it all.
Image 2Professional customer service. Our customer service reps are professionals and know what they are doing. They are carefully selected and are required to run servers of their own.
Image 3 Custom Setups First time setting up a minecraft server? Allow us to help you out, choose what is best for you.
Image 4Fine tuned hardware Tired of hosts that combine your server with hundreds of others? At Cropsmasher, we balance our servers so that you won't ever get host-side lag.